One Percent_All Weather Rothko / Wouter Klein Velderman


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Wouter Klein Velderman
One Percent_All Weather Rothko / Red Blue Orange Yellow Gray, 2022

Material: Sewn and welded truck tarpaulin (PVC-fabric) with a straw filling

Size: One size fits all

‘One Percent_All Weather Rothko’ can be a solution for a possible future disaster. This work is about choosing identity and belonging to a fitting group of survivors at a time when human kind has drastically reduced.

In the One Percent series there is at this moment only one One Percent_All Weather Rothko-jacket. If you feel like you’re in a position to represent a possible future artworld, or to keep yourself busy with all kinds of weather, then please feel welcome to order it right now.

Photo: Cecilia Gaetarelli


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